Monday, August 31, 2009

Defining Mob

I found this interesting with the recent "I am the Mob" movement. It's interesting how this thought sounds almost sexy at first, this wild animal that takes over, something that you wanna be a part of. Seems passionate and fiery, and then drops the bomb with the last line. I'm all for the mob movements, the gathering of the masses for a united cause, etc. however, I can see some truth to what he is saying here. Remember what you started out standing for; don't let the excitement wrap you up and lose sight of what you came for.

"A mob is a strange phenomenon. It is a gathering of heterogeneous elements, unknown to one another (except on some essential points such as nationality, religion, social class); but as soon as a spark of passion, having flashed out from one of these elements, electrifies this confused mass, there takes place a sudden orgainization, a spontaneous generation. This incoherence becomes cohesion, this noise becomes a voice, and these thousands of men crowded together soon form but a single animal, a wild beast without a name, which marches to its goal with an irresistible finality. The majority of these men would have assembled out of pure curiosity, but the fever of some of them soon reaches the minds of all, and in all of them there arises a delirium. The very man who came running to oppose the murder of an innocent person is the first to be seized with the homicidal contagion, and moreover, it does not occur to him to be astonished at this."

Gabriel Tarde
The Penal Philosophy

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