Monday, November 30, 2009

What's Up With....

Just some general wtf moments I've had recently.

1.) the inspiration for this particular entry: Luke Wilson's hair on those cellular commercials. Really? What happened to you super cute Luke Wilson? Owen's look doesn't work on you. Sorry.

2.) People straight bashing Twilight and New Moon on Twilight and New Moon sites, articles, etc. Or people bashing in general different modes of entertainment on said entertainments website. I just don't get it. Who really takes the time to go out of there way to a website on something they don't like to bash it? I understand if it's politically and you feel that your opinion may "change the world" or whatev, but the fact you think Twilight is for teeny bopper girls...Really doesn't change my opinion and not an issue I'd focus my time on changing people's views on.

3.) The Jackson Five Reality show. Need I say More?

4.)The Coca Cola Christmas bears extinction. We can start playing Christmas movie at the mall in September, but my personal staple of Christmas is still in hibernation.

4.) Google wave. I don't want to be part of you elite society. No, thank you.


  1. 1. Luke Wilson has always looked goofy.
    2. Twilight is for teenaged (13-16) year old girls and old women who think they are still young... but at least it's not 'Where the Wild Things Are'
    3. The sad thing is people will actually watch it.
    4. There's nothing wrong with celebrating Santa's birthday half a year early... oh wait, Christmas is a religious holiday?
    5. I am part of the elite GWave society. *turns nose up at you*

  2. 1.) Always goofy!?! what?!?! Whatev
    2.) And yet you sat right next to me in the first one. AND asked to borrow the book after. Don't lie :)
    3.) True. Very sad.
    4.) Oh yeah, wasn't it about that Jesus guy?
    5.) I want an invite. I was merely whining because *sigh* I haven't gotten one. Who's your fav big sis?