Sunday, January 24, 2010

Arrested Development Coming Soon

Will Arnett has confirmed....Arrested Development is coming soon to theaters. As interviewed Arnett stated he couldn't give many details for fear of being held up for treason. Arnett can be seen in the new movie When In Rome with Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas, major hottie...ya know he married that one singer chick....) and also going to be in Despicable Me. As for Despicable Me, I think I'm going to skip that. The previews teased at the beginning it could be something kinda "cute" but then it lost steam as the preview waned on. It does appear to have a pretty star studded cast, but maybe I'll wait for the DVD. And I recently caught him in Wristcutter's, A Love Story with Patrick Fugit from Almost Famous, another one of my favs. I recommend you see them both if you haven't. There's your homework for the week.

It sounds like Arrested Development won't be out till 2011, but in the meantime you can catch the rest of the cast in several things out this year. David Cross was just in Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeakqel, and in an effort to build in a Kevin Bacon 6 Degrees of Separation to this blog, he also stars alongside Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) in and Kristin Wiig, who is also in Despicable Me. (flowcharts to follow...right?!?) I also suggest you catch Cross in Mr. Show with Bob and David ("More homework, but Ramble..." Quit complaining and watch. Thank me later.)

Jason Bateman, who tore up the big screen in 2009 with roles in Couples Retreat, Up in the Air, The Invention of lying and more, will star in Paul and The Baster this year. And then there's that George Michael...a relative unknown until his success in Arrested Development. Although rumoured that he wasn't returning for the movie, Michael confirms he is returning to his roots on E!
although there is a much different take on the situation in this article.

Regardless of Cera's strife, I'm excited to see how the movie will play out. Much like Family Guy, Fox gave up too early on this show and it has found a cult following in the afterlife called syndication. IFC runs it pretty regularly, so check your local listings.

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