Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Step Away from the Facebook

Am I alone here? I'm lying in bed, trying to get to sleep and there is this nagging, gnawing feeling I have something I should be doing. Paying bills? Eh. Laundry? Nah. Finishing that novel? or the screenplay? Or even a worthwhile blog? Oh no. I have spaghetti and meatballs cooking. And coconuts to steal. And maybe even some chicks to fight along with my sorority sisters. Oh yes, the vicious cycle that is Facebook Games.

I had a weekend of "reflecting" (or detoxing, call it what you will, I stayed out of the bars!) and spent a lot of time working on my writing. However, as soon as the flicker of the display comes on, I feel the need to gear my laptop away from it's intended target of Microsoft Word and into the world wide web of obsession. Farm Town? Check. Farmville? Check...Why again do I need two farms? Ok so that was alright, but while I was waiting for creative inspiration to strike (And those damn grapes to grow) I'd check out other apps. My Zoo. Check. Cafe World. Check. Oh dear. This is not going good. No I've got grapes and cows to harvest, lions to breed and oh my a french onion soup mess in my kitchen. Whew. Got it all cleaned and good to go. What to do now? Oh, look, a shiny Rock Pool. Check. Island Paradise? Check.

Today I stopped and thought about the time I've invested in these games and discovered I could have:
Done 4 loads of laundry
Folded all of said laundry and put it away in it's delegated spot.
Actually had delegated spots for my laundry because I'd have time to organize
Read a book.
Wrote a couple blogs.
Watched a movie that had more meaning that stealing someone's goat.

I admit, I'm an addict. Maybe there's self help groups out there. Maybe a dose of sunshine amidst the dreary January days is what I need. I felt that, if I posted this blog, maybe, just maybe, one you out there reading that has the same addiction wouldn't feel so alone, so ashamed, so scared if you knew there was others out there like you. Plus, you can add me as a neighbor and send me gifts :)


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so funny..I know someone who is so addicted to FB it is not funny. That person is not ME, but a friend I have who just LOVES FB...BIG TIME!! Great post..

  2. lol thanks! Follow up, I've been FB app Free for 6 days. Given it all up. I think I get a coin or's like AA right? Amazing how much time I get back not playing around on there!