Monday, August 17, 2009

Aw Sookie Sookie

So as a fan of both the books and the show, I'm really excited with the way True Blood is going. Because it follows so loosely the novels, it's like a new story every episode. Major variations are obviously the character Lafayette sticking around (yea!! totally love his character on the show...much more developed than the novel so I've become a fan) and Mary Ann (far from the bumbling "witch in training" portrayed in the novels, we also combine the character of the maenad) to the lack of J.B. from season 1, and, so far season 2.

As much as I've loved these deviations, I was concerned how the Bill vs Eric rivalry would play out. In the early episodes, I wasn't near as impressed with Eric as I thought I should be. Everything that was described in the novel, the 1000 year old viking beauty, I feel like I expected more. However, within the last season, I've fallen more and more for Eric. I started thinking about it, and I think the second book is also where Sookie starts to show serious signs of affection for Eric. Maybe more subconciously than later books, but it's there. hmmm...

Is it possible that the show pulled this miracle off somehow? That, in season one, I am less than impressed with Eric because he pulls of the cocky yeah-I've-been-around-1000+ years-what-of-it vamp thing and comes out looking like a jerk...Much like Sookie felt about him in the beginning of the series...And as the show wears on we begin to see him as we do in the book, thru Sookie's eyes from her a bit more attractive, a bit more sexy, a bit more down to earth? As far as 1000 year old vamps go, of course. What do you guys think? How do you feel about Eric from the first season to now? Better? Worse? The same?


  1. Okay, so I've been afraid to try out the books, but if you think they're great, I will probably give them a try. I haven't been watching True Blood because I need to watch the first season, but maybe I'll read the books first, then get the seasons on netflix or something.

  2. I love true blood a lot...Over here In India...the first season is being aired so can't say how Eric turns out to be. So far I love the show :)

  3. Ok totally agree with you kasabiangirl...Show is AWESOME...but to you (if you haven't read) and *uncorked both strongly advise to read books first...It's amazing b/c I have NEVER watched a book adapted into a film or show that I have like the acted-out version as well as the book until this-because you DON'T know what to expect....The show follows the book to a point but takes creative liberties that enhances it for those that have read.....In my opinion :)