Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

And the people who love it.
No. Really. I have decided, being the eclectic wonder I am, to break up some of my blogs. I haven't uploaded the previous ones relating to these, they will stay here, but to try to sort out some of the madness, my Vamp related blogs will primarily go here
Style:Something With a Little Bit of Bite
My Lost related blogs (there haven't been many lately, but trust me, they're coming) will go here cuz I'm Lost Till the End
Depending how those go I may break up my political rants into a separate blog as well, I'm not sure yet though. They are very new so be gentle on criticism! I had been advised to redo my template for this blog, but I couldn't find anything I liked after hours of searching; it just feels right for THIS page. I did find so many other fun things out there I wanted to try them all, so I'm starting with those two.
Between those two and this one, and a blog I keep in anonymity, (No I can't tell you...that defeats the purpose!) I have also got a good start this weekend on my novel...I consider it my Magnum Opus but we'll see. I have been writing it in screenplay and book form, so I think it will take awhile but that's ok :) I'm patient.
I'm also participating in the local events for the Audit the Fed campaign on September 15 which you haven't looked into in your own area, I suggest you do. It's exciting with all the Tea Parties and 912 meetups and now this, how the mass movement of the people seems to be greater than any other time in our history. Vietnam had it's groups of protesters but they all seemed lumped into one "group" of young hippies, whereas now there is no stereotypical protester, yet an angry mob

I digress...

Anyway, check em out lemme know what you think and what you guys are doing on September 12th and 15th =)

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