Saturday, August 1, 2009

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow....

I'm going on the beach....super excited. However, not until today when I checked to see if my ISP is supported in Florida, did I realize I will be without the internet for a whole week. I'm kinda freaking. I think I'll be ok. I'm bringing lots of movies and books and bought the Teach Yourself Chinese game for my Nintendo DS, along with an audio book I downloaded to teach myself Russian. SO I'm sure I'll have lots to say when I get back, but in the meantime, miss me lots :) And feel free to hit me up on FB or Twitter as my trusty phone can easily access those sites.


  1. wow chinese and russian at the same time? you might loose your speaking ability doing that. Most of the people roaming the FL's beach have a hard time putting a full English sentence together so you'll be ok, dude, like ok.

  2. vacation!? to the beach! ahhh everyone's been going to the beach! i wanna go too! cept i live knda far from the beach! i'm so jealous!! post pictres of your vacation when you get backk!

  3. Vacation sweet is the sound of that. Have fun and enjoy the sun in Florida! Having no Internet is not so bad, but without going for a long period of time isn't good either; a week is pretty fine I guess. Hope you have fun and enjoy learning new languages.