Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Season 4 True Blood: Ramble's Thoughts Thus Far

This season is based on my favorite book of the Sookie series, Dead to the World, in which Eric loses his memory. While in the books, I have always liked Bill a little better, I'm a total Eric fan in the show. I have been, along with many others, a bit frustrated with the stray from the books the show has taken, but expected that, as movies and television always take creative liberties with books. What I didn't like about Season 3 though were all sub-plots. I felt like there were so many different stories going on, that none of them were fully developed, and the whole season was like one big filler episode.

However, in the early stage of Season 4, I am starting to see some of that groundwork coming to fruition with the story of the coven. We have yet to see Tara's full evolution after being held hostage by a vampire and running of to New Orleans and becoming a lesbian. I feel so far that has just been sort of "skimmed over" and hope that it was, again, laying the foundation for something in the future. The fairies thing is just plain whack, and I will never be able to look at Tinkerbell the same way again.

As for Bill, I love seeing him with all these different women that really mean nothing to him, and his progression to King. He's a jerk, I've always disliked him in the show, and this new role seems perfectly fitting for him. I like the introduction to Grandma Bellefleur , and especially that moment of realization: "Eek, your banging your great great great granddaughter" from her uptight lil ole self. As for Andy, he never ceases to provide the comic relief. Even more so now that Jason has gone missing. That storyline kind of bored me in the books, and I find it even more lame on the show, but I enjoy watching Ryan Kwanten's skinny little self so I'll deal with it. Sam's whole family of shifters story is ok, but as far as the shifter's stories go, I'd prefer just to stick with Alcide. Shirtless, of course.

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  1. I loved season one of True Blood but I fell in love with Eric in season 2. His cropped hair looked so much better. Can't get enough of him now :)