Thursday, July 21, 2011

Season 7 Weeds: More Thoughts From Ramble

Well we've gone from Agrestic to the beach to Wyoming and then to the clink. Well, Nancy went to the clink while the rest went to Amsterdam. And as Shane recreated the Agrestic bedroom for his recentlly sprung mother, it feels as though Weeds has come full circle. Sort of. Nancy is back with nothing, Shane seems to be regressing to a little kid over his guilt from his mother going to jail for him. His need for approval is almost sickening to watch, as we not so long ago watched this kid kill a grown woman with a croquet mallet. Doug has gone back to working for the man, though those men are all potheads too. Andy is still the playboy we first met, still casting sidelong glances at Nancy. There is a lot of self loathing in Andy, for try as he might, he still loves Nancy. And speaking of self loathing, Silas has tried, tried, tried, harder than any other character, to break free of Nancy. Or at least he acts like it. Him coming home from Amsterdam surprised me, but Silas' character always has. In some ways, he seems to have evolved the most, standing up to Nancy at the apartment, telling her they were equals now. Then, they meet for lunch and he gives in and gives her his food, after rubbing it in her face what he had to eat. He is in an eternal struggle with his soul how to deal with his mother, but he came back. So obviously we know he hasn't completely broke free. He, along with every other man in Nancy's life, is still very much Nancy's bitch. Nancy is that person you hate because somewhere, deep inside, you want to be here. You think, "Damn, I wish I could get away with that. I wish I could say things like that. I wish Aidan Quinn would look at me like that" (Well, maybe not entirely.) Now matter what the situation, she keeps her cool, the lady gets her way nearly everytime, and the men can't seem to resist her. Now, with this lesbian twist, sounds like the ladies can't resist her either. Or maybe they just got bored in prison.

I know that as the seasons progress, in any show, the criticism draws sharper and harsher. I think Weeds has done a great job of new, crazy storylines to keep the plot going. This may also be why I don't see much development in the characters; they've been able to keep us entertained by twists like Nancy killing her DEA boyfriend, then getting knocked up by a Mexican drug lord/politician, Andy dating Alanis Morissette, Shane whacking that crazy Mexican brawd, and Richard Dreyfuss. Yes, Richard Dreyfuss. However, the characters remain somewhat stagnant and one dimensional. I miss the Hoades family, which to me seemed to have the most character development. I mean, c'mon it's three years in the future from where we left off, and the guys don't seem to have changed a bit. It will be interesting to see, as this season progresses, if Nancy's "You're adults now" speech will hold, and if Shane will get off his mother's tit, if Silas can finally free himself of her grasp, and if Andy can move on from this fruitless crush. The real question: If Nancy gets her wish for her boys to grow up and move on, can she survive without them? The freedom sounds nice, but the thought of Nancy minus her groupies may be more than she bargained for. What do you think of this season? Has it jumped the shark or are we just getting started?

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