Monday, July 20, 2009

Tips on Tanning & Skincare

At one time I was a sales rep for a lotion company, and picked up a few tips I thought I'd pass along here. Check back in a couple weeks if you are laying flooring, 'cuz I sold that, too =) I know what you're thinking, I'm amazing, please hold all applause till the end.

1.) Apply a powder bronzer on the neck to create a shadow effect. Awesome allusion slimming feature. see number three for additional slimming tips

2.) If you are going for a spray tan, don't eat broccoli the night before. Some of the vitamins in the broccoli can turn your skin orange-y (weird I know, but it's the truth.)

3.) Caffeine based lotions when tanning usually sell as "slimming". This doesn't mean you are shedding pounds in the tanning bed. Caffeine boosts circulation and temporarily tightens the skin. For true slimming, take a bike ride.

4.) If you use a lotion with a bronzer in it, like the new ones you can buy at Walmart, and are struck with the orange glow or streaking, taking a bath with 1 cup of milk. It tones down the color. (I know, again, WEIRD, but it works.)

5.) Mineral oil. YUCK. Gasoline by-product. Clogs pores. Creates a barrier on the skin so other, more nourishing ingredients can't get thru (IE that greasy feeling you get when applying lotion? Prolly cuz it's got mineral oil in it and the rest is sitting on top of your skin!)

6.) In conjuction w/ number five-The ingredient listed first is what there is the most of in the lotion. IE if mineral oil is first, aloe vera 15th, but the big sticker on front sales "NOW WITH ALOE VERA" you should get a towel because you were hosed.

7.) The more hydrated your skin is, the better it keeps a tan. That's also why they tell you to exfoliate. Not only will you not streak with lotion, you will maintain a longer tan. Emu oil (yup. The stuff from the birds) actually penetrates the deepest so find a lotion with that in it.

8.) Emu oil also cures scars and stretch marks. Don't believe me? Google it. Oh wait. I did it for you.

9.) Lotions with silicone (IE-Designer Skin's Enamor) are my fav. Silicone creates a lock so to speak. This has the opposite effect of the mineral oil, as it locks the good stuff in. You can totally tell the difference, as your skin feels immediately smooth but not greasy.

10.) When applying lotion with bronzers, do it in circular motions, not up and down. That up and down is why you are streaking. Try it. I'm telling ya.

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