Saturday, July 11, 2009

Will There Be Anyone Left in LOST?

This week's Entertainment Weekly reports that Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus) predicts that LOST the future of the show in this statement to EW "I don't think LOST will have a happy ending. I think we are going to start seeing more casualties. I would put money on major characters being killed. I believe it will be a sad ending to the show-or at least bittersweet. I think it will definitely be a season finale for grown-ups," I personally never expected LOST to have a touchy-feel good ending. However, I didn't expect to see major characters go down the way Emerson is predicting. I do feel that they can't end the show the way Jack's character and crew are pushing for: Blowing up the island w/ the hydrogen bomb so that they never crash the plane. C'mon, if it ends that way, the last scene being flash back to 2004 with everyone on Flight 815 landing safely in LA after successfully blowing up the island in 1977 (ish?) there will be backlash from the fans. And the writers know that so I really don't think it's going to have that happy ending. No more than I think it's going to end with it all being Hurley's psychotic play in his head. But rather than major loss in characters, I expected the players to come full circle in their individual quests for redemption. While most of the characters that have found theirs have died, it seemed that with Kate and Jack, Sawyer and Juliet, Jin and Sun there may be something found in the pairing that would keep them from biting the bullet. The season finale mixed with rumors of Elizabeth Mitchell starring in her own show fuels speculation that Juliet will be the "major character" to die, but with a show like Lost, we are always left guessing if they who die really die. Or those who rise from the dead, as in Locke's case, really live? Locke, as we are to believe, has been reincarnated to convince Ben to kill Jacob. There was another major character (albeit a "silent unseen" character until his debut and death) that met the end.

So who is going to be left standing in Lost, if Emerson's predictions are correct? I can't see EVERYONE kicking the bucket just as I can't see EVERYONE landing in LA on that big ole' jet airliner Flight 815. So let's assume Juliet is dead and Jacob is dead. My prediction for next to go would be Sayid, as he seems to be kinda nuts now since working for Ben, being betrayed by Ben, jumping back in time and trying to kill young Ben and failing, he seems to have nothing left to live for. Then again, if Juliet is really dead, where does that leave (gulp) Sawyer? I really hate to bring him into this, as most of you know, I'm a Skater. (Sawyer and Kate as apposed to a Jater, Jack and Kate fan) And I am a huge fan of Sawyer and how far he's come in this show. However, I think he's gotten a little too soft for me this last season, so if Juliet did die, either the softie in him will win and he will become just plain pathetic and possibly meet his demise in a state of weakness, OR he will go the exact opposite, go back to the old Sawyer, and get real vengeful on everyone's @** till he does something stupid and rash and gets offed. My vote is to see him in the Season Finale with some beautiful chick from the Midwest that writes blogs about....I digress.
Moving along. Jack- Well, I know he is the leader, the "Shepard" but I'm really indifferent. I don't know what it is about Jack but he's annoys me. I think it's because I feel like if Charlie from Party of Five grew up to be a Dr. and his parent's hadn't have died and he didn't have all those brothers and sisters and his name was Jack instead...Yeah...It's like the situations are different but the characters are too similar for me to really dig Jack. Christian, however, I can't wait to see how that is summed up.

Hurley could be an "easy-off" as I like to term it. It's my blog I'll use my own verbiage. He seems to have disappeared into the background somewhat over teh last season or two, but is still a fan fav (much like Charlie, sniff...sniff...still miss you!) so it would get the sentimental shock value. I don't think Sun and Jin could be (it's Lost, I know, anything is possible) because I think we are working too hard on this story to get them back to the same time and why they are in different time periods anyway? But wouldn't that be a real killer, we wait for them to get in the same time dimension and after all that agonizing over if it's going to happen, one of
'em dies?

Kate, to me, is very up in the air. Her character, as it stands, could go either way, with Jack or with Sawyer, dependent on what really happens to Juliet. With Juliet out of the picture, with the obvious tension between Kate and Sawyer turn to something more? Will get back together with Jack? Or go back to her renegade con girl ways? To me, she has the most "options" of which way her story will go, so she seems the strongest candidate to see the show thru to the finish line. Which means....Nothing because Lost is known for it's curveballs.

Live together die alone, either way there are so many unanswered questions still out there, so many possibilities of the fate of each character, and undoubtedly a thrilling final season to come. Can't wait!!

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