Tuesday, March 10, 2009

25 DVDS from US to you England (wonder if they included a John Cleese for good measure?)

Ok, did ya'll hear about this? Our president recieves a gift from England...A pen, made out of wood from the historic,HMS Resolute(hey, wasn't that in National Treasure II?) a symbol of our alliance over all these years. And We the People by way of our 50-day-and-off-and-running prez, give our allies.....A basket of DVDs. Wha? Yes, that's right. a basket of DVDs. That aren't compatible with DVD players in England. To make matters worse, the lady many have been comparing to Jackie O, gives the Mrs. a few Marine One models in a box. Sa-weet. (Meanwhile Jackie O spins in her grave) As I read Beck's article, linked above, I can't help the visual of Mrs BHO running around the White House scrambling for something to shove at Mrs. Brown Ya know the feeling, you forgot to get your friend something for Christmas, she's there, in your doorway, and you've got nothing. Panic mode sets in, sometimes you grab model helicopters, sometimes you don't. Hey, we've all been there.

Wait, Mrs. O has a severe distaste for England, or so some believe, so maybe it really is a snub. The sad part about all of this is that not only did the O's give them a box of DVDs that are, well, useless, and boxed models that are, well, useless, we gave another gift. We regifted. A bust of Winston Churchill went back to Big Ben when the copies of "Dude Where's My Car" and "Gigli" Nope. We don't want to put it in our museums or hold on to the keepsake. "Here ya go Mr. Brown. Thanks for that bust of one of you country's greatest figures you gave us back when terrorists attacked our nation on 9/11. Sorry, but it doesn't go with my framed copy of yours truly gracing Rolling Stone"
Ok kids, wake up. Yeah, rockstar-woohoo-change- There was a lot of hype with no meat behind his campaign geared towards the younger voters, and now we're left with a bunch of pork. I'm disappointed in my generation, I'm disappointed in the new foreign policy(blame it on being tired-and people said McCain was too old for this job! Give me a break.) And most of all, I'm disappointed for my grandfathers, many times back, who fought and died in the American Revolution, so we could have our freedoms, only to be the generation that watches it collapse upon itself. My closing hope on this subject: That the Wizard of Oz was included in this basket-The curtain comes back

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