Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Showdown: Sookie VS Bella

So a vampire walks into a bar....

Alright no joking, let's say two fictional world's crossed paths, and Bella entered into the world of Bon Temps. Or Sookie into the world of Forks. Or they met somewhere in the middle (home team advantage?) And Edward and Eric happen to be there too. We'll throw Bill into this for good measure. Which chick do you think the vamps would pick (Oh...yeah...we're talking pre-Vamp Bella, too!) Of course, Edward seemed to be the only vamp that attracted to Bella in Twilight, but, Emmett and Jasper were pretty much shacked up with Rosalie and Alice, respectively. Both Bella and Sookie seem to have an undeniable gravitational pull for creatures of another kinda (Sam, Alcide, Jacob included BESIDES the vampires...) and the mere wafting of Bella's blood in the air of the lab sends Edward into panic mode. James seemed pretty bent on finding Bella, too, of course for more sinister reasons. And Sookie's got fairy blood running through her veins, so we know the Vamps want to eat her up *no pun intended*

So a few vamps walk into a bar; Eric the strapping Viking sheriff, Bill, the first love, Edward, the end-all-be-all love and stumble upon two regs (well, almost regs) Sookie's serving up Type 0 behind the scenes while Bella nervously fidgets with her lips, who's it going to be?

Personally, I'd like to see Jacob and Quinn walk in, well, saunter in-fully changed-and take off into the sunset with their ladies respectively.

What do you guys think? Do we want to see a happy ending for all? A smack down dragout-hair pulling cat-fight? Or are we going to see the stakes come out? (Hey, but Edward could take 'em during the day, he sparkles ya know)


  1. As much as I like Bill (and I do wish Sookie would quit messing around and get back with him), if it comes down to vamps I think Edward wins hands down. Plus you know he'd have the whole Cullen clan not far behind him. Close-knit family and all.

    As for the furry supers, hard to say - Quinn is pretty cool and bad@ss - but I think my heart belongs to Jacob.

    Great idea for a blog post though - definitely got the mind all stirred up!

  2. My hear belongs to Jacob, too! Tiger or no tiger. Sparkle or no sparkle =) Nothing beats the tent scene Bella+Edward+Jacob=Awkward. Jacob def had my heart.

  3. I would have to say I am very torn on this. they are two wonderful sets of stories with wonderful characters. I really LOVE Eric, I'm not sure why I can't really explain it but a part of me is hoping Sookie ends up with Eric. Of course I do love my Edward and Bella. I of course never fell for Jacob like many others did. Who can say why. I really think though that if the two worlds converged, which would be quite intersting since they vary so much on the vampire part, I think they would actually get a long. If you think about it the Cullens are so completely under control that it shouldn't cause much problem. And Eric only causes problems when the need arises. And Bill well Bill is just a wimp in my book. I can't get over what he did to Sookie and don't think I ever will. :) And the girls would get a long in my book because they have too much in common to hate each other. But heres something to think about. What about if the full blooded fairy Claudine came into the mix. I don't think even the even tempered Cullens could resist her. Well that is if she has the same effects on them as she does on the Vamps in the sookie stackhouse series. Now I think that could be one very interesting situation.

  4. Wow you bring an interesting point to the table...I hadn't even factored in the fairies. I think if Edward had his sites set on fairy blood it would be game over for Bella as well! I would hate to see that, because, as much as I love Jacob, I love Edward and Bella. Claudine would throw a whole new flame in the fire!!!