Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What am I doing with Project 912?

So I got all pumped after the We Surround them broadcast, and thought, hmm...What can I do between now and 9/12 to feel like I'm actually DOING something? I'm going to see Ron Paul next Friday, going to a Tea Party protest in Chicago in April, and both I'm totally excited about, but wanted to reach out to others and see what the movers-and-shakers of the world are doing. There are so many people fed up with the way things are, it wasn't hard to find those movers and shakers, with great sites with loads of information. I decided to join in the fun.

My take on Project 912 is starting out as a sort of "book club" as on the We Surround Them broadcast, the key was stressed "research before action". The first book we are reading is 5000 Year Leap by W . Cleon Skousen I plan on posting on here as well as the page, so feel free to check back on either as time goes on. I hope to engage some discussion, ideas, and maybe even some resolutions!

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  1. Nice! Am definitely looking forward to those posts.

    Hope you're doing well - haven't heard from you in a bit and curious what's up.