Friday, March 13, 2009

The Night I Almost Became a Werewolf

'k so I got a little obsessed with these books, you may have heard of them, called Twilight and, for any of you that have read the books, I'm sure you well know you can't much do anything other than read from first to last. When you aren't reading, you're thinking about reading. Or daydreaming about it. Remembering what it was like, the first time you fell in love, the first time you locked eyes, the first time you found out the smell of your blood was intoxicating to him....Well, er, maybe that last part isn't part of the first love experience (for most, I hope) but one of the addicting qualities is the story of first love. Timeless (Ok...technically her first love really IS timeless)Beyond that, I know there's a few of you out there, nudge, nudge, that wished they had a Vamp bf to call their own. And a few others preferred a furry creature.
I remember being so obsessed, at one point, that I went home after seeing the movie in the theater, and woke up in the middle of the night thrashing all about. I was dreaming that I was becoming a werewolf. k...Don't tell me you didn't have at least ONE of those dreams, right?
Anyway, eventually the book did end (sigh) as it does for all of us...Wrapped up with a neat little bow. But then comes the emptiness. PTS-or Post-Twilight-Syndrome, has been a growing concern for many, as Cullen fans look for something to fill that void left behind...Remember when Edward left, and the months that headed the chapters were blank chapters for, like, a minute? Yeah, that kind of pain. (Again, you Twilighters know what I'm sayin!)
So a good friend of mine (shout out to DJ!) snapped me out of the lonely days by introducing yet another series of Human-Vamp lovin'-
Sookie and Bill entered my life, and at first, it was rocky. Bill's no Edward, but Sookie's lighthearted southern voice kept me trucking along. And, before I knew it, I was back in the just-one-more-chapter-then-I-gotta-sleep froggy eyed stupor I had so missed those few weeks. And it got better-Eric came along. Then Quinn. And don't forget Sam. And then there's Bubba. But don't use his real name.

Sookie and Bella, though I've pitted them against eachother in the previous blog, are both dichotomies on the outside, but very similar on the inside. Sookie is the lower-middle-class Southern waitress-Belle who knows everyone in her small town (oh yeah, and she knew what I was going to write before I even got it typed up here!) whereas Bella's your typical cute-in-a-weird-way outsider forced to the inside new girl in town. While her economic status isn't quite as pronounced as Sookie's, she seems to be doing a bit better off, but again is just beginning to live with her dad when we are introduced. Both come off as very different, but if Bella had met Edward in her mid 20s, would the story have been similar (and of course, assuming Edward was in his mid to late 20s for this example) Edward, of course, could never be the jerk Bill was, but do you remember how mad you were about ten minutes into New Moon when Edward left? Alas, though the two worlds will never meet, I think Sookie and Bella would be BFF's.

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