Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ramble Says to Sawyer: Please Don't Go!

Ok one of my many loves in life is LOST, ABC Wednesdays at 8:00pm CST. In honor of having tomorrow night absolutely open as we are on another (sigh) break from the show till 3/18 I'm going to go off on a tirade about last week's episode. Sawyer and Kate-didn't like it. I predicted their future being a constant, "No I'm way badder than you, nu-uh I'm the baddest fool around" and that could just get annoying. She can stick with Jack and he can constantly play Saviour to her bad girl whims, that's fine. That said, I am totally for the Sawyer-Juliet union. (and did she look preggo to anyone else?!?) From the looks of it, Sawyer has done a drastic turn around over the last 3 years, from the time the flashes stopped until the O6's return to the Island. Of course, I believe we started seeing subtle changes in Sawyer over Season 4, then a bit more pronounced throughout this season, but now, with Juliet, he seems a completely different person.

I do miss the old Sawyer, and his quirky nicknames, (Tokyo Rose, Freckles, Baby Huey, Vh1 Has Been to name a few) and fall victim as many of us girls do to the disease commonly known as BBS. While being afflicted with Bad Boy Syndrome has been a problem in the past, as I grow older I learn to appreciate a good guy when he comes along, and I think Sawyer is going through those stages of growing up. This is not my problem with good Sawyer. My problem is the fear that Sawyer's change could be his demise.

One of the most prominent themes in Lost is Redemption. With out-and-out obvious inclinations, like Sawyer himself singing Redemption Song by Bob Marley (Exodus Part II), to many of the characters finding redemption while on the Island, (see Lostpedia for a full listing) it's obvious the writer's are striking at something here. Unfortunately, many of the characters end up striking out when finding their redemption. As you can tell by the list, 7 of the 17 listed are dead, Claire's on the lam this season, and several of the surviving character's are still fulfilling their Redemption (or destiny, or both?) I feel like Sawyer has redeemed himself in several ways throughout the course of the show, but this season, when he sees Kate in the time traveling sequence, delivering Claire's baby, there is little doubt he has fallen absolutely and completely for her. I grew teary eyed while watching. But she doesn't come back, and he falls for Juliet so it appears. So it goes.

Sawyer's major redeeming quality is that he falls in love with Kate, and is hurt that she has left him. Summing Sawyer's past record with women up, this would make a perfect video to Jo Dee Messina's Foolhearted-Man
Kate has left him vulnerable, open, and alone; 2 of 3 Sawyer hasn't been since he took the name and stopped being James Ford. And 3 for 3 he has left the women in his past, as shown in flashbacks, including the mother of his daughter. After time on the Island without her, it appears that he's settled with his pain and, apparently, gotten over Kate. (To Horace Goodspeed, "I can't even remember what she looks like. So is 3 years enough time to get over somebody? Yes" I'm paraphrasing of course)

Does that mean we've seen the last of Sawyer? Is he going to go the way of Charlie and Eko? Please, Damon and Carlton, say it ain't so! Tell me I have waaay too much time on my hands and am freaking out for no reason. I did hear, via Entertainment Weekly, we will find out what he whispered in Kate's ear on the 3/18 episode. Please don't let it be "I got a DUI", because with the exception of Jin (and whew, wasn't that a close one!) that is one non-redeeming way to get yourself killed off the Island.

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